Sarah Boyett

Sarah Boyett

Owner & Master Cosmetologist

Sarah’s love of Cosmetology began long before she opened Halo in 2007.

As a child modeling in Paris, France at age 6, she had her first brush with the beauty and fashion industry at its finest, where she was enamored by the glamour and fancy “updos”. At age 12 she was already fascinated with fashion trends, highlights, color and curls as well as beautiful nails.

By her senior year in high school, Sarah found a position as receptionist in a local salon. It was there, surrounded by stylists working with clients, that she was motivated to pursue her degree in Cosmetology at Augusta Tech, get some work experience under her belt, and make her dream of opening Halo come true. Sarah is a Master in Cosmetology, and possesses a natural instinct in color selection and correction.

She has spent the last twenty years seizing every opportunity to grow in her profession. This has been accomplished through her continued focus on the newest developments in the industry, but more importantly her investment in the education of their applications relating to hair, skin and makeup.

Each year she and other Halo team members attend multiple courses and seminars in the United States, as well as Europe to keep abreast of the latest in products, techniques and services, i.e. J. Beverly Hills in Los Angeles; Vidal Sassoon in London; Deva Academy in Soho New York; Santa Monica, California & Baltimore, Maryland, and Dermalogica in Atlanta, GA. Having attended the IQ KMS Cutting Academy, Sarah provides a unique style and touch in cutting, appreciated by either gender, regardless of maturity or nationality.

On the wall at Halo is Sarah’s motto, “Do what you love and love what you do.”

One senses that passion through the personal care and quality of service Sarah provides. Interpreting what clients want is paramount for Sarah, and giving them tips to maintain their style at home is a part of her personal approach. Lifting their self-image and helping them to feel beautiful continues to give Sarah a real sense of pride, and is her greatest reward at the end of the day. A happy and contented client is her goal, and a visit to Halo guarantees that trendy, extraordinary experience that she continually seeks to provide for each and every person who steps onto her salon floor.

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