Kate Skin Therapy

Kate Murodov

Skin Therapist, Waxing Specialist, & Makeup Artist

Kate is part of our knowledgeable skin therapy team here at Halo Salon and Spa.

Growing up in Russia, her mother owned a salon, and Kate spent most of her childhood in the salon environment. She came to the US in 2004 and, due to her love of helping others feel beautiful, she took an interest in skin care immediately.

She has a deep passion for esthetics and takes great pleasure in making people feel confident in their own skin. Her top 3 skin care tips are: wash your face every night – no matter what, start anti-aging products early, and make time for yourself! In her free time, she enjoys road trips to the mountains with her husband and 2 sons, and the simple joys of being out in nature.


“Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.” ~Brigitte Bardot

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